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BigGameCD 7.0 - What if you didn't draw? Create a Plan.

  • BigGameCD 7.0 is the ultimate scouting and planning tool for Colorado. If you are new to hunting in Colorado, this is a must-have tool. BigGameCD 7.0 was developed with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and is advertised in their hunting brochures.
  • BigGameCD 7.0 contains dynamic data analysis tools for every season and every unit. Plot the success trends for your favorite seasons or compare seasons within a prospective unit. Here's a BigGameCD Data Functions Brochure.
  • The package also contains a mapping system that allows you to overlay summer concentrations, winter concentrations, and migration routes for all big game over the built-in 1:500,000 Statewide Maps. Here's a BigGameCD Map Functions Brochure.
  • You can also plot the kill sites and view the sizes of Big horn Sheep, Mountain Goats and Moose.
  • The software works on all Windows versions thru 7.0.
  • Users download updates through the internet for free.
  • No recurring fees or internet subscription charges!

  • Current users can upgrade at a discount below:
  • HuntData Standard Upgrade (click here)
  • HuntData Deluxe Upgrade (click here)
  • Here's one we answered in literally 3 seconds using BigGameCD: "In which units do I have a chance of drawing a muzzleloader tag with zero points?" The answer is in the following graphic: MuzzZeroPoints. Here's the kicker. Seven of the units in the graphic above had just under a 40% success rate last year. Now that's worth a look, isn't it? Can you answer that in 3 seconds? With BigGameCD 7 you can. For evey unit, every season.

    And, once you identify the right unit, you'll need the maps below to determine where to go in that unit.




    Statewide Digital Set - A digital copy of every map we sell (see video below)

  • Get more detailed Maps for BigGameCD 7.0 or view the maps in 3D using Google Earth.
  • Put Google Earth in hunting context. The Digital Map Set works with Google Earth's 3D Satellite system. Its like throwing a car cover over a car. Watch as our maps come alive with dimension. Explore your unit from your office! Brochure
  • The Statewide package contains 3 maps for every unit: Topo, BLM, and an Elk Concentration.
  • Add these maps to BigGameCD 7.0 and project concentration areas for: Elk, Deer, Antelope, plus view the measurements, years and plotted kill sites for Sheep, Goat, and Moose.
  • The maps are also sold in Regions, scroll down to see Region information.
  • Click here to view a 3D rendering of a Topo Map with Elk Concentrations in Google Earth. The red lines are summer range, yellow lines are spring concentrations, and heavy blue lines are unit boundaries.


    Click below for more...

    digital map


    "The Draw" Special Combo Deal - Save $30 when you order both BigGameCD 7.0 and the Statewide Digital Set

    BigGameCD 7.0 & HuntData's Statewide Digital set. Get a great deal on BigGameCD 7.0 with our new visual data tools and game concentration overlay capabilities. Create a plan for the draw and find where to hunt in a unit or where to go in the dozens of over-the-counter units. Then, integrate the maps into 7.0 and create your own concentration maps on 1:100,000 BLM Land Use, USGS Topography and Land Satellite Images. Also, view the base GMU maps in 3D in Google Earth. All combined at one great price!



    Click below for more...


    Garmin Regional GPS Maps - Integrate with Garmin's MapSource map program or get land use maps on SDRAM.

    GPS Maps - (Regions - Northwest, Central, Southwest & Front Range)


    Land Ownership GMU Maps for your Garmin GPS. The maps integrate with Garmin's 'MapSource' program. Click HERE to see a MapSource Screen Shot. And, Click HERE to see a summary of compatible Garmin GPS Units. The Regional Packages contain one BLM Land Ownership Map for each GMU in the Region! The Regions, Northwest, Southwest, Central, and Front Range, parallel our Regional Digital Map Sets. Our Digital Maps load in the new Garmin units with the "Custom Map" capability. These GPS Map sets are for older Garmin Units which require 'Map Source' to load maps or have an SDRAM card slot.

    Click here for more...



    Click below for more...


    Digital Maps by Region or Statewide - view in 3D using Google Earth!, load to your iPad, iPhone, or newer Garmin units. "The maps hunters are talking about"

  • Statewide Digital Set (elk), 4 maps for every unit (over 400 maps)
  • Northwest Regional Set
  • Central Regional Set
  • Southwest Regional Set
  • Front Range Regional Set
  • 3D Sheep Maps with plotted kill sites
  • 3D Mountain Goat Maps with plotted kill sitesGoogle Earth


    Click below for a 3Dflyover...

    digital map



    Ed Dentry featured HuntData in the Rocky Mountain News July 18, 2008.  Click Here to read the article.

    Hunting Videos and Books

    Videos and Books
    Affordable videos from the Colorado Division of Wildlife and other producers covering.
    Colorado’s Big Game Preference Points
    A primary tool used in the management of Colorado’s big game animals is a limit or quota on the number of licenses issued in most game management units (GMUs). Check your points here

    When applying for a limited license, a preference point is awarded when an individual is unsuccessful in drawing their first-choice hunt code. Preference points provide a mathematical advantage when applied to future drawings.

    NOTE: For ordering assistance please call us at 303.663.4878



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