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Colorado Antelope Unit Map with Land Ownership

We built the maps from the ground up using current information. Compare this to other maps produced from old (up to 8 years) scanned BLM maps. Our Land Ownerships use this year’s land ownership data from the BLM and State sources. Over the land ownership data, we add contour lines and property boundaries from Colorado Parks of Wildlife, National Parks, National Forest, State, US Fish and Wildlife, other Federal lands. We then add unit boundaries and project the maps at 1:80,000, 1:100,000 or 1:120,000 scale depending on the unit size. The road and trails layers are extracts from the USGS Quad 7.5 minute series. What this means is no matter what the scale of your unit map you have the most details roads and trails available. Each map contains a quick scan QR code to load the map into your Smartphone using Avenza Maps free GIS App (download from your App Store). The most current data available on the best hunting map made.

Colorado Antelope Unit Topo Map

Topographical maps are built from the bottom up to provide a traditional Topo look at feel.   The maps are projected at 1:80, 100, 120, and 1:160,000 scales based on the unit size.  While the projections vary by unit, every unit has the trail and roads systems from the popular USGS 7.5 minute Quad maps.  These are great navigation tools!

Custom Antelope Combo – Land Ownership and Concentration Maps.

Buy the tools needed to find out where you CAN hunt and where you SHOULD hunt.   Use our concentration maps to pinpoint the public lands then identify whether the concentrations are on the public land.  Its all about "Where to Hunt".  The maps are printed on our tear and water resistant fabric materials that will last as long s your memories.

Custom Antelope Concentration Maps

Antelop Concentration Maps were invented by HuntData. These maps have been our best sellers over the past 25 years. This year, we updated the styles, enhancing boundaries, clarifying summer, winter, and resident herds, migration routes and adding 7.5 minute roads from the USGS Quad collection. Click on the small map at left to see a larger sample. Then, scroll to the bottom to read more and order. This map will help put you in the right place for success! Its printed on our rugged map fabric designed to last as long as your hunting memory.